Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage consists of a group of special techniques used to access deeper muscular layers unreachable by traditional massage. The techniques employed work with the body’s responses by slowly sinking into tight and knotted muscles allowing them to “melt,” permitting deeply held tension to be released.Since deep work can potentially be intense, the therapist checks in frequently and makes adjustments to accommodate your individual comfort level.

60 minutes $100

Bliss Massage
Gentle and soothing, relaxation massage involves rubbing and kneading of the upper tissue layers, inducing deep relaxation that can often lull clients to sleep.  Relaxation massage focuses on the neck muscles and shoulders, where much tension is held, as well as the muscles of the back, legs and feet for head-to-toe soothing.  Fragrant oil aromatherapy is often combined with relaxation massage for a holistic and nurturing sensory experience.

60 minutes $100

Trigger Rocking Massage
This treatment puts pressure on certain trigger points, temporarily stopping blood flow to a particular part of the body, and then releasing it, flooding that body part with fresh blood. This treatment kick-starts your circulation as it pours and pumps fresh oxygen around your body. Trigger Rocking Massage distributes that pressure over a larger area by using circular or rocking movements. This technique is also a feature of Thai massage.
60 minutes $100


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